Lead Generation – How it works

Getting traffic is one of the most important and difficult tasks for any business owner. Whether you want to target consumers in your own backyard or multiple provinces, CityLeads Lead Generation is here to help.


Simply put

we prompt consumers to take our online ‘Services Survey’ by offering a small contest or reward. During the survey we ask several questions about the types of services the consumer may need. If the consumer selects your service, we ask if they would like to be contacted to fulfill their need. When they select YES, the lead is yours.

Lead Delivery

Each day you will receive an email containing all your leads from the previous day. If you want your leads quicker you can log into our lead system any time for fresh leads.

Return Policy

On average you should expect 15% of the leads you receive to be incomplete, this is an industry standard and is built into the price of your leads. If you find over 15% of your leads are not usable in any weekly billing period, simply contact your account manager and we will take care of the issue promptly so you are not billed.