Display Advertising

display advertising

Reach Consumers Where It Matters Most

A great quote explaining why displays ads are so freaking awesome

Not sure whether to include display advertising in your marketing campaign? Here are three reasons to give this promotional method a try.

1. Captivating. It’s easy for web searchers to look pass a text ad. Quite the opposite with display ads. These ads are designed to entice and grab the attention of web searchers, thus prompting them to click your link and learn about your product or service.

2. Target Audience. Display ads are featured alongside relevant web content. With this said, a web searcher may read an article on a particular subject, and then glimpse your banner or ad on the website. Since your ad relates directly to the topic on the webpage, you’re able to target your audience and maximize sales potential.

3. Ability to Track. Some marketing campaigns are difficult to track. With display advertising, you can receive daily or weekly updates and track the number of times your ads are clicked. This helps you assess whether an ad is working, and whether you need to tweak your efforts.