About Us

CityLeads.ca is founded by the owners of Bricor Media Inc; an online advertising company focused on international media, email marketing, and lead generation. When people would ask ‘“So, what do you do?”, we had a really hard time explaining it simply. Eventually we realized that the best way to describe our company was to paint a picture based on that person’s career. To a car salesman, we’d say that we find people interested in the trade-in value of their car, then send their personal information to the salesman to followup. To a real estate agent, we deliver leads of people looking to buy or sell a home in the next six months. To a restaurant manager we email a $5 coupon to anyone who expressed an interest in obtaining one, thus saving countless marketing dollars on direct mail pieces that will end up in garbage cans.

This approach was a winner, and everyone started to understand the concept of our business. Most wanted leads from us, as this sounded too good to be true. Alas, it was… Bricor Media Inc, like most other online media provider, can only effectively market nation wide. They are able to target by city for small projects, but anyone in sales requires consistency; a steady flow of leads.

This is when the concept of CityLeads was born. We wanted to create a company to be proud of. A company that focused solely on Canada. A company that would help business professionals increase their sales, productivity and profits at a reasonable cost. A company that could effectively market in every major city across Canada. Welcome to CityLeads.ca; your city, your leads.

The Team

Rolling since 2011


Brian Lapp

Senior VP of Industrial Design, CityLeads.



Cory Arsic

Director of Operations, CityLeads.



Mukunthan Pathmanesan

Director of Web Development.